Joe removed an old, uneven, cracked cement front porch. He poured a new front porch and scored it making it look longer and giving it more character. Joe also placed river rock around four pillars which support the porch. Joe is the epitome of professionalism. He was always on time, never left the work site, gave great advice, always cleaned the site before he left and never wasted his time nor mine. I can't tell you how impressed I was that whatever he said he was going to do he did. He provided a date of completion and completed the job by that date. I've gotten rave reviews from my neighbors as to his work. The one on one service was great, he focused on the job on hand which was my porch and the river and didn't hop from one person's job to mine. It was really refreshing to have this type of service. I'd have him back in a fast minute. 
Wrote this review back in Dec. Don't know why it popped back up as not being done.​​

- Sue Velasco

Joe Installed a terracotta walkway and a decomposed granite driveway. Joe was fantastic - professional, on-time, and on-budget on all things. I couldn't recommend him enough.​​
- Ethan Applen

Joe Demolished an existing retaining wall, walkway, porch, sidewalk, and in-ground hot tub; replace the retaining wall, walkway, sidewalk and porch and cap the in-ground hot tub.
Joe Messineo is perhaps the most professional and exacting contractor I have met.  He is present onsite during the entire process and has a small crew that assists him, and additional subs for the concrete portion of the job.  I can't recommend an individual any stronger than I can Joe.  His bids are constructed using a "time and materials" approach and he holds himself accountable throughout the process.  Joe’s craftsmanship is of the highest quality.​

- John Pedersen

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Joe replaced deteriorating Mexican tile around the border of our patio with new concrete tiles that matched closely with the existing tiles. Also replaced some of the other tiles that had started to wear down with new clay tiles that matched the existing patio. Joe came out a couple of times to take a look at our project and make some suggestions on how to best fix the existing problem and ensure that we didn't have the same problem in the future. The tiles that were deteriorating border on the lawn, and tend to get wet when the sprinklers are on. Joe suggested using some concrete look-alike tiles that closely matched what we have on the existing patio but would be resistant to water wear.
I'm impressed with the quality of the work he did and attention to detail. We have had the repair done just over a year now and it still looks excellent. The sealant does need to be reapplied once per year to maintain protection, and I gave him a call to find out what was used last time - he was good enough to give us a call back and let us know what was used and where to purchase it.
We'd definitely work with him again if we have any similar projects and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to friends and family.​

- John Digrado

Joe built a new 6' wall after demo of existing poor quality wall. The experience couldn't have been better. Joe (the owner) even steers you around bad decisions you might think is a good idea, with explanation and no extra cost. That's rare in contractors. The rating of "excellent over all" is not enough to express how well it went with Messineo Masonry. His service goes to 11. If any one sees these reviews and doesn't go with them, they are gonna regret it.​

- Pam Detrich